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Women in Business: Angela Miller

A warm welcome to our exciting new series Women in Business, where we chat to amazing local female-identifying creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners, all with an aim of supporting local women and local business.

And what better way to celebrate this new series than kicking off with a celebrant?!

Today we introduce the amazing Angela Miller, Marriage & Funeral Celebrant extraordinaire. Married with two grown up sons of her own, this Bondi local was born for bringing other families together, and helping people navigate some pretty major life milestones. Here she is enjoying a DG apple tart!

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Angela, tell us what keeps you busy?

I became a Marriage & Funeral Celebrant 17 years ago and am very proud of the profession and the code of practice under which we operate. I have met the most delightful couples (and their families) over this time, been to some spectacular venues (and some very simple ones, which have been equally amazing) and many of these couples have become lasting friends.

As a Sole Trader, it can be a someone lonely profession, but I have a wonderful and supportive group of female Celebrants, whom we each turn to for advice, guidance, laughter and emotional support.

I also work part-time as a Concierge at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, in Victoria Street just up the road from the Darlo General, hence how I came across this darling little treasure chest.

Whilst Covid put a rather rapid stop on big weddings and funerals, the tide is turning and I have been busy meeting with newly engaged couples to talk about their thoughts and wishes for a meaningful marriage ceremony that reflects their personalities and their relationship.

What inspires you?

I never tire of listening to how love can be found in the most simple and unusual places. To have a couple entrust me with making their wedding day memorable is truly a gift. The inspiration I gain from this trust makes me more determined to display my passion of being a Celebrant and to put my heart and soul into the process.

What are you watching/ listening to?

Behind Her Eyes series (Netflix) is the best psychological/thriller. It has you on the edge of your seat and plays with your head! I love listening to Alec Baldwin’s podcast Here’s The Thing while I am out walking.

What's your favourite Darlinghurst haunt and why?

Well, I do love the coffee at The Bunker which I can easily order in my breaks on my workdays, and now I am so excited to have tasted the delicious Apple Tart at Darlo General! Birthday gifts are aplenty too on the shelves.

Where do you go to unwind?

Sunset walks on Bondi Beach is the perfect end to a day – it’s so good for the soul to hear the waves splashing and feel the water on my feet.

What's your perfect Saturday look like?

My regular early morning Zumba toning class – the best way to start the day! Grab a coffee and read the Saturday papers. Hopefully a fabulous wedding somewhere in Sydney in the afternoon, followed by a debrief with my husband – he loves hearing all the details. We love a steak and a beer at our local pub at Bondi Junction and a stroll home.

Get in touch with Angela @ Know an amazing lady we could feature in this series? Let us know @

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