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Women in Business: Liz Clark

This week on Women in Business (our series that sees us hanging with amazing local lady business owners), we’re with Liz Clark of Surry Hills-based Liz Clark Event Management.

Through careful curation and meticulous planning, Liz has firmed up a reputation for ensuring her clients get the benefit of hosting successful events without the burden of the stress. In fact, she makes hosting events super fun!

As you can imagine, running an events business (especially in the past 18 months) has kept Liz on her toes! From non-profit hackathon events to Bluesfest risk and covid-19 support to RV and Caravan Expo Shows, this year has been a whirlwind of new ideas, inspiring partnerships and most of all, a more resilient events and hospitality community than ever before.

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Liz, tell us, What inspires you?

Community and charity events inspire me! As an event manager, I have always been passionate about giving back to our community and working with organisations and people that make me think outside the box every day. Recently, I’ve been tasked with co-creating solutions to support people with disabilities so they can live as equals in their community. Whether that is creating event resources in braille, plain English, or having a Auslan resource available in accessible environments, it is the right direction for event managers to increase inclusivity, maximise participation and expand opportunities to everyone in our society.

What are you reading?

I’m currently reading Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlight. I love his energy and uncomplicated ways of thinking about the simple truths of life. One example that resonates with me is the idea of debating. When debating with your friends about world issues or whatever you think about, is it about being right and winning the argument? or is it about learning and understanding each other’s perspective? I love to listen to a good story, learn from those stories and most importantly, understand a new perspective.

What's your favourite Darlinghurst haunt?

I love Nom! This tiny izakaya feels like you’re traveling overseas to Japan with the kind team serving the freshest sashimi and crunchy prawn tempura, pouring chef Kimiko Uriu’s favourite sake of the month while you’re practicing your best Thank you in Japanese, “Arigatō!!!”

Where do you go to unwind?

Moore Park and Centennial Park. Sitting down on a bench reading a book, watching the dogs run around with their owners, seeing the colourful parrots fly freely and the tall Gymea lilies that can be can be dug up, moved and planted bare rooted to a flowering again full sized plant. These are the little reminders of gratitude that I carry in my journey moving from New York City to Sydney in 2016.

What's your perfect Saturday look like?

A good coffee to kick-start my day, followed by a virtual tea-party my two nieces, Janie and Iris and nephew, Keegan in the states, a long run around the wharf and then a long lunch with friends chatting all afternoon with vino!

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