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Women in Business: Kylie Legge

Our Women in Business series sees us sit down with amazing local female-identifying creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners, with a mission of supporting local women and local business.

Kylie Legge is on a mission of her own: to empower everyone, everywhere to influence the decisions that impact their everyday.

Kylie is the CEO of Place Score, a not-for-profit that turns the voice of a community into evidence-based metrics that can incite positive change. Place Score identifies the strengths and challenges of local places and provides clear directions for investment priorities that can be tracked over time. Incredible!

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Kylie, what keeps you busy?

Right now, it is Australia’s largest social research project. My company Place Score is running the 2021 Australian Liveability Census at the moment – it is the chance for every Australian to share what’s important in their ideal neighbourhood and to rate where they live now.

It’s a massive opportunity to shift the way governments make decisions by turning community opinions into data. This data is then used as the evidence base for investments and as a way to track positive outcomes for the community.

I hope everyone in the local hood takes the time to participate:

What inspires you?

Place Score is actually my third company and I have been lucky to build all three off the foundation of my personal life purpose: to make cities better for people. This mission is core to everything I do and every project we work on.

It probably seems kind of strange for those outside of the city-making business to know that humans are very rarely at the centre of decision making. If we can help change that, then I am not only doing a great job but also living my own best life!

What are you watching?

People are always surprised by what a popularist I am when to comes to inputs! I am always curious about people, so watching reality TV probably gets a little more time. I have also been lucky enough to see the theatre productions Appropriate and Hamilton recently, which were both fantastic.

What's your favourite Darlinghurst haunt and why?

So many! I love walking the streets and Darlinghurst has so many great options and so much to see. Then it is usually what tickles my interest in terms of stopping and having something to eat or a drink.

Where do you go to unwind and why?

I love the Darlo Bar in the early evening when the locals hang out on the way home from work.

What's your perfect Saturday look like?

Pilates then a big walk and play with my dog before heading to the markets for a Gozleme to enjoy with a glass of wine and a book on my balcony – that’s true joy!

Get in touch with Kylie @

Know an amazing lady we could feature in this series? Let us know @

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