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Unleash your inner domestic god/goddess with Barky Basics home products

Your new go-to range of luxury kitchen and bathroom accessories fit for display in any home!

Housework! Love it or hate it, it’s something pretty much all of us have to do. So why not do it in style with Barky Basics?!

Barkly Basics offers up everyday home necessities that are affordable, functional and super stylish. They make doing your everyday duties pure pleasure!

Kitchen and bathroom products with style

The light bulb idea of re-designing the ugly yellow kitchen sponge came to Barkly founder Natasha Malkov one morning during a moment of mindfulness at the kitchen sink.

“After doing my market research and discovering that there was no kitchen sponge in the world that was stylish enough to display on the sink, I decided to create a kitchen collection based on simplicity and the monochrome pellet that would not only be functional but also stylish and affordable,” she says. “I’ve had so many ideas over the years… it was time to step up to the challenge of not just coming up with an idea but actually making it happen!”

No more hiding your cleaning products under the sink

Natasha’s life philosophy of “Keep it simple and everything will take care of itself” is reflected in her stylishly pared back, monochrome home products fit for display in any kitchen. “We believe simplicity is the key to understated beauty and an organised life,” she says. “Our products are designed to blend in with your surrounds with minimal fuss.” That means no more hiding your cleaning products under the sink!

Environmentally friendly and Australian-made.

Natasha’s scientific background and PhD in Molecular Biology – alongside her appetite for creativity, innovation and new product design – has put her in good stead when it comes to designing a luxury kitchen line that is functional, effective and ecofriendly. Natasha is also all about reusing, refilling or recycling, which means her products are great for the home and great for the planet.

“Our Hand Wash and Dish Wash are made in Melbourne and the bottles are re-usable, re-fillable and made from recyclable PET. Our sponges are either compostable and/or recyclable. We try do our best to use minimal plastic packaging where possible,” she says.

Natasha has big plans to expand the Barkly Basics kitchen and bathroom range soon and says we should all stay tuned for the launch of a Barkly Body Wash and Hand Cream. We can’t wait!

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