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The upper crust

Introducing Tonton Bread, a Marrickville-based bakery combining traditional French breadmaking with modern flair.

A new bread has ROLLED into Darlo General. And it’s the only bread you’ll ever KNEAD.

Tonton Bread is a Marrickville-based bakery effortlessly combining traditional French breadmaking techniques, modern ingredients, and flavours with flair.

The brainchild of artisanal baker (and former Ferrandi Culinary School student) Adrien Chrunyk and pastry chef extraordinaire Veronique Yapi, Tonton was born out of a desire to share a deep fervour for all things flour.

Cutting their teeth in some of the most renowned and respected French bakeries and Parisian patisseries, these true masters of their craft take pride in following the traditions demanded by the French Baking School ethics.

Their artisanal honesty combined with an innate creativity has pushed the pair to break the boundaries of baking, using local ingredients to create a wide range exciting products – think Turmeric Sourdough, Beetroot and Black Sesame Loaf, Lemon Confit Poppy Cakes and Baby Choc Chip Brioche. Oh, and did we mention the textbook perfect Chouquettes and Croissants?!

“At Tonton, we think the motto of a true artisan baker is to do many things, and to do them well,” says Adrien. “In this spirit, Tonton’s range is broad. This also has the advantage of keeping our customers happy and engaged.”

At Tonton, sustainability, natural ingredients and slow fermentation processes are all of top priority. “Sustainability and honesty have always been an important part of this project, as they are an important part of the challenges we are through living today,” says Adrien. “Tonton uses what it needs and nothing more.”

Ninety-five percent of Tonton’s ingredients are sourced in New South Wales, while their zero-plastic packaging uses recycled paper from a New South Wales distributor. “We also use a sales prediction model to reduce wastage to its absolute minimum, which not only makes business sense, but is also Tonton’s way of being more environmentally sustainable,” Adrien adds.

“As French bakers, we hold values that are part of our work, and that work is our life. We couldn’t work outside those principles.” Quality bread, for instance “has always been made from a sour-started process, which ensures a distinct taste and a better digestibility of gluten,” says Adrien. “Most Tonton Bread’s products involve this technique.”

Indeed, it’s these sustainable, back-to-basics practices that seed premium quality products. So, come grab a Tonton loaf or perfect pastry and taste the fervour for yourself!

With a move in the works, you can also catch team Tonton at their new premises in Surry Hills, which will also operate as a classic bakery retail space.

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