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The sweet life

Sweetie Darling Candy proves that artisan lollipops aren’t only for kids!

Sweetie Darling Candy at Darlo General

On a family road trip in the USA a few years ago (back when we could all travel OS), Jill Jones-Evans was itching for a new project. “I stumbled across these lollipops in a tea store, and I was so taken with them,” says the entrepreneur. Back in Sydney and also by chance, Jill came across a lollipop making book that she originally bought as a prop for another business venture. It was Jill’s lightbulb moment, and Sweetie Darling Candy was born.

Jill immediately started experimenting with different candy textures and flavours, working towards the epic range of pops that today are just perfect for children's parties, grown up soirees, corporate events and premium goodie bags. Jill still makes each pop in small batches, with big love.

Jill works from a mantra of “the fewer ingredients, the better”. From high quality lemon oils to real blueberries, these pops feature 100% natural ingredients wherever possible. They also come totally vegan, gluten and preservative-free. “It’s as pure as candy’s going to get,” says Jill with a laugh.

They’re ALSO a total delight to look at, with gloriously vibrant colours and fun shapes. “Our biggest seller is our watermelon electric pink unicorn!” says Jill.

Sweetie Darling’s remedial range reminds us that artisan lollipops aren’t only for kids and parties. “Our study buddy pops feature peppermint and lime to give you focus and clarity while at you’re at your desk,” says Jill, “while our immunity pops feature real lemon, ginger and turmeric. This is an area we really want to grow as part of our range for grown-ups.”

Sweetie Darling Candy proves that artisan lollipops aren’t only for kids! Darlo General

These unique points of difference have made Sweetie Darling Candy lollipops a hit with artisanal sweet stores and corner shops (like us!) – and not just for the little ones. “What drew me to these kinds of pops originally was the fact that they’re for grownups too. It’s been a challenging part of the business, getting the Australian market to wrap their heads around the idea that you can enjoy a lollipop as an adult, and that’s something I’d really like to work on and expand.”

With range expansions on the horizon, Sweetie Darling Candy has also just teamed up with a company called Wing, meaning that their pops can soon be delivered by drone! Starting in North Canberra and Queensland with plans to expand to Sydney and Melbourne, customers will be able drone in pops for a party (or just whenever they need a tasty treat) in as little as 2 to 7 minutes – talk about highflyers!

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