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Spice up your life

Introducing Chotto Motto Chilli Oil, a little slice of spice that’s sure to become a new pantry staple.

The first time we tasted Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil, our eyes got all sparkly. It was partly because this baby packs a chilli punch! But it was also because this oil is so tasty, so crispy, so perfectly balanced, we just knew it was going to become a new larder staple.

Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil hails from a Melbourne restaurant of the same name. Since opening in 2019, this little Collingwood haunt with 1980s Japan vibes has made a name for its epic handmade dumplings bathed in, you guessed it, a signature Crispy Chilli Oil. But you don’t have to stop at dumplings – you can put this stuff on basically anything and take it to a whole new level of flavour.

“A unique part of our recipe is the addition of tochi beans; salted cured black beans which give our chilli oil its addictively earthy taste,” says Chotto Motto’s self-proclaimed Head of Mischief Dylan Jones. “We have developed and fine-tuned the recipe over the years. Each bottle is packed with care, by hand.” Dylan and his business partner, Chotto Motto Head Chef Tomoya Kawasaki, swear that there’s no great secret to how they make their epic oil… “Just quality ingredients handled with care! We start with a blend of sesame and vegetable oil, in which we slow cook our aromatics; dried chilli, sesame seeds, garlic, scallion and tochi beans.”

Ready and pumped to welcome folks back to the restaurant come Freedom Day, Dylan and Tomoya also plan to keep expanding their take-home product offering with one-of-a-kind offerings like a new Yuzu Hot Sauce. We reckon we’d be willing to put that one on anything, too!

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