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Smells like spirit

Rewild Co. perfume and skincare is handcrafted from ethical ingredients on the Limestone Coast in South Australia.

For Amanda Stevens, perfumery began as a hobby spanning many (many) years. Amanda’s walls have always covered in tiny tinctures and beautiful botanical extracts, resin samples and dried herbs from all over the world. “I would spend hours squirrelled away, just designing scents, practicing my trade,” says the now Chief Perfumer at Australian lifestyle and skincare label Rewild Co. “I was so happy in my own little world.”

Amanda launched Rewild Co. Perfumes in 2020 as a luxurious alternative to the mass-produced, synthetic fragrance flooding the market. “After years of working in the industry, I found that the most natural scents were the most beautiful,” she remarks. And it seems that Australia agrees, with Rewild Co. fast establishing a loyal cult following.

Rewild products are handcrafted from ethical and organic on the Limestone Coast, a stunning landscape nestled on the southern-most tip of South Australia. Each scent is made with passion and created from moments that have been either heart-warming or heart-breaking.

Every ingredient is ethically sourced with certifications. But it is the ingredients Amanda doesn’t use that are important too. “Unlike some of the big fragrance houses, I do not use animal ingredients (ambergris, civet, etc) nor are my products tested on animals,” she says.

Amanda believes that scent can be used as a tool to dive into ourselves and our memories. “Whether it is a natural scent of Moss when you cross a creek, a reminder of the season or the place you find yourself in, using the olfactory sense engages the brain to create a strong memory,” she remarks. “Scent connects us. To each other, to our spirituality, to a place, to a time, or to ourselves. And what an absolute gift that it.”

The future smells bright for Rewild Co., with a specialised Perfumery Studio in its near future. The project has taken a solid eight months to complete and involves the restoration of a charming old building previously used as a Blacksmith’s Quarters and Saddlery Room. “The next stage is a very exciting one,” says Amanda. “Watch this space!”

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