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Local, natural, pure…

Introducing your new beauty best friends Salus – creating spa-inspired natural products right here in Aus.

100% Aussie-made natural skincare packed with powerful botanicals and pure essential oils… does it get any better?! Yep, the Salus skincare range also comes free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, sodium laurel sulphate, glycols, parabens and mineral oils to boot!

Salus really stands out for its distinctively clean, contemporary Australian outlook. A refreshing approach and high quality formulations make for a top Aussie skincare range, one that looks just as good on your shelf as on your skin!

Salus shares its name with the ancient Goddess of health and prosperity, a fitting eponym for a range made to help nourish the body and calm the mind. It was founded just over 10 years ago by health and beauty expert Jason Cook, with the aim of creating a spa-worthy range that was both effective and affordable – “something that people could use to create that spa experience for themselves at home” says Jason.

Driving effectiveness is a passion for working with plant-based and botanical ingredients, and giving chemical nasties a wide berth. The Salus team sources their primo ingredients from all over Australia – think beeswax from a Byron Bay beekeeper used to create a super sensuous lip balm. “We work with and support local business and our community,” notes Jason. “Where possible we use local Australian ingredients.” All products are also proudly researched, developed and made Down Under.

The creation of just one Salus product can often extend to anywhere between 6 and 18 months as each and every one goes through rigorous testing and development. “We are serious about skincare and develop products that provide extraordinary results,” says Jason. “We don't release a product until we're 110% happy.”

Sustainability and ethics are key values for Jason and the Salus team. “We understand the beauty industry, like most, has the potential to negatively impact our planet,” Jason says. “For this reason, we continue to work on new innovations.” Every product within the Salus range is packaged in recyclable or reusable packaging.

Bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastics and boxes from chlorine-free paper. And with proudly plant-based products, Salus simply won’t test on animals. “Producing our products locally within Australia also helps us to reduce our environmental footprint and carbon emissions,” Jason adds.

With plenty of exciting plans in the pipeline, Jason recommends we stay tuned for an exciting facial range to be released soon. Watch this face!

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