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Raise a glass to StrangeLove soda

Serving up low-calorie soft drinks and premium mixers in sleek and sexy packaging, StrangeLove is the toast of the town!

If you’re looking for something fun to drink (of the alcohol-free variety) that isn’t completely crammed with sugar, StrangeLove is your new best friend.

StrangeLove have been serving soft drinks for grownups since 2013, combining high-spec oils, premium botanical extracts, and world-class juices to deliver incredible flavour profiles while using up to 70% less sugar than your average soft drink. Australian-made and owned, both their Lo-Cal Sodas and premium mixers come all-natural, with no preservatives or nasties in sight.

StrangeLove is the brainchild of best-friends-turned-beverage-bosses Stafford Fox and James Bruce. Both in need of a bit of a change 8-odd years ago, the pair saw an opportunity to bring something stylish, fun and premium to soft drink fridges across Aus.

They kicked off with a tasty little ginger beer featuring a huge kick of caffeine, which quickly caught the attention of top Aussie chefs like Kylie Kwong and Luke Mangan. The duo then turned their brains to a premium mixers range – today featuring flavours like Dirty Tonic, Hot Ginger, Salted Grapefruit and Bitter Lemon – which you’ll now find served up in the country’s top restaurants – think Quay, Bennelong and Attica (to name a few).

In response to the market demand for less of the sweet stuff in what we eat and drink, StrangeLove relaunched their soft drink range in 2018, bringing us a series of Lo-Cal Sodas in a range of innovative flavours inspired by the latest culinary trends. We’re talking tastes like Cloudy Pear and Cinnamon, Smoked Cola, Yuzu From Japan and Very Mandarin. Crisp, clean and extra delicious, they also come with roughly the same number of calories as an apple.

“We wanted people to be able to drink two or three of them and not be left with a migraine and furry teeth,” says Stafford. “We work with an amazing flavour house who have some of the most incredibly sophisticated equipment to extract flavours. The machinery looks like something from a futuristic alchemist’s laboratory.”

We’re super excited about StrangeLove’s latest range of zero-sugar, sparkling infused waters with a hint of high-quality botanicals and extracts (think Lemon, Pineapple & Tahitian Lime, Guava & Kaffir Lime and Nectarine & Pink Peppercorn) in sustainably conscious cans. They’ll be hitting the DG fridges soon, so watch this space!

With collaborations with chefs, bartenders and other bevvy experts in the pipeline, Stafford says 2021 sees Team StrangeLove “really stepping outside the box” to serve up some unique swills never seen on the market before. “We’re really looking to what the future of soft drinks can be, he says - Watch this space.”

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