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Puzzling it out

Introducing Ponder Designs Co., a line of modern jigsaw puzzles that embrace switching off and going slow.

Puzzlers out there are probably familiar with the story: the puzzle is complete, and swiftly gets shoved into the dusty games cupboard, forgotten about until another rainy day (or lockdown). It’s a sad fate for the humble puzzle, and one that Georgia Patch is striving to change!

Cue Ponder Designs Co. – Georgia’s line of modern jigsaw puzzles for everyday play. Working with Aussie-born, NYC-based illustrator Al Poli, these stunning puzzles become works of art, perfect for flaunting on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Ponder Designs Co was born from Georgia’s personal experience with burnout. “I am a creative strategist in advertising, and that often means long hours and a lot of pressure to produce creative ideas non-stop. I found myself drained but, in the down-time I did have, I was aimlessly scrolling social media, or the 24/7 news cycle.”

It’s a familiar scene so many of us can relate to, and sent Georgia searching for a healthier, guilt-free way to switch off. “Ponder Designs Co. is about embracing slower moments and truly switching off. I love the analogue nature of puzzles and how anyone of any age can huddle around a table working together to complete one.”

Another super special thing about Ponder puzzles is that each puzzle comes with a unique Spotify playlist, so you can groove away while you’re puzzling! “In this way, I’m not just creating a product for the sake of a product,” says Georgia. “I’m championing a lifestyle; one that’s all about embracing slower moments and giving your mind time to wander and ponder.”

In this way, we create more chance for what Georgia calls “meaningful downtime”. This, she says, is all about “fostering real, deep and human connections through conversation and slow-thought. It’s about developing empathy by getting to know yourself and the people around you.”

Ponder Designs also encourages “Switch off Sundays,” that sees us ditch the phone and turn to things that nurture our minds – think getting outside, crafting, reading, and cooking – in an effort to encourage others to do the same. We’re certainly on board!

Georgia is committed to working with emerging talent for future puzzles and other products. “I’m currently working with a friend Sam Andison on the next batch of puzzles,” she says. “We’re refining the topics and exploring different mediums like photography, so we’re really excited to launch them!”

When it comes to broader business aspirations, “I’d love to expand internationally, turn Ponder Designs Co. into a household name and really own the slow-thought space… you know, small achievable goals.” With plenty of time to puzzle it out, these dreams are sure to become realities.

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