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Put your best FACE forward with MaxCellLife

All-Australian, scientifically formulated skincare for every face!

With two rounds of breast cancer treatment and recovery behind her, Jen Reilly knows all about the benefits of taking care of yourself and your health. “Without putting too much pressure on myself, I try and do right by myself and my loved ones,” she says. “This covers what I eat, what I put on my skin and what I need to do to look after myself emotionally and physically.”

Jen’s passion for health, thirst for knowledge and general life adventures are nicely complemented by her husband Peter’s lifetime support of ground-breaking global scientific research and his partnering with a number of esteemed scientists throughout his career. It’s a winning combination that’s won Jen and her family early access to scientifically advanced insights into health, anti-aging, nutrition and skincare. “During the past 25 years, it was not unusual for Peter to present me with then cutting-edge supplements (CoQ10) and skincare products (Matrixyl 3000 and Synth-6),” says Jen, “with these ingredients later becoming popular in sophisticated lifestyle labels.”

In the past year of the great pause, Jen and her family had a moment to consider how they could bring this passion and collective knowledge to others. Cue the recently launched MaxCellLife, a platform of products for the body, face and mind that encourage, as Jen puts it, “The maximum you can get from life”.

FACE is MaxCellLife’s pharmaceutically crafted, Australian-made anti-aging skincare range. It draws on the latest science and combines it with the purest Australian botanicals, fruit acids and essential oils, leaving out any nasties. “Simply put, it’s where science meets nature,” says Jen, “in a beautifully nurturing restorative way for your skin.”

Today’s skincare buzzwords are all involved – think AHA/BHAs, retinoids, peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamins in a simple but effective range of washes, serums and creams ­­– all working to protect young skin and support maturing skin.

We can’t get enough of Wonder, a light and creamy serum with powerful anti-aging collagen-producing peptides, Matrixyl Synthe-6 and Argireline, moisture-retaining Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin and mineral loaded Sea Buckthorn Oil, mega-hydrator Squalane and potent antioxidant Orange Oil. Putting it on before bed is pure joy! “I know it’s good for me and it feels just beautiful,” says Jen. “A little self-nurture goes a long way - both physically and mentally.”

This is skincare for every face, with Jen’s 21-year-old daughter Georgia also swearing by the range. “She and her friends are blessed to have at their fingertips clever and natural skincare that will see them covered as they age,” says Jen. “MaxCellLife’s FACE skincare is the culmination of personal interest, knowledge gathered over the years of clever anti-aging science and… well… why not? In a couple of months, I’ll be 60 – life is just beginning.”

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