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Organic dog treats to go barking mad for!

Your good boy will love Peanut and Noodle’s healthy and delicious doggy treats.

Meet Mike, the proud human of two adorable cavoodles aptly named Peanut and Noodle.

Mike grew up surrounded by all sorts of wonderful kitchen experiments – “my mum is a professional cook and caterer” he says. “This instilled in me the joy of creating food at home and I always loved the science behind baking, often coming up with very strange flavour combinations as a kid.”

During lockdown last year, Mike found himself (like so many of us!) spending more time in the kitchen. Rather than feeding his own carb addiction, he began to make tasty treats for Peanut and Noodle.

And so, a thriving little organic dog treat business was born!

“Since then, my bone-shaped cookie cutter has seen plenty of action,” says Mike. “When Darlo General opened, Mia encouraged me to share my treats with the locals. I started making treats to give to our local furry friends. This extended to selling treats in store and things have grown steadily since then, with incredible support from the community and now my online customers.”

Mike’s treats, named for his gorgeous pups, are just like a home baked cookie us humans would enjoy! All Peanut and Noodle’s products are handmade in Sydney with super tasty ingredients and lots of protein-rich peanut butter, adored by dogs across the world!

Keeping the health and wellbeing of our furry friends front and centre, Mike only uses organic, wheat free and plant-based ingredients in his treats. “I think it’s really important that we are conscious of how many animal products we and our four-legged friends consume, which is why I only use protein rich, plant-based ingredients,” he says. “Using organic ingredients makes sure you limit your dog’s exposure to pesticides, and many dogs find wheat-based products difficult to digest – which is why I used chickpea flour.”

Make your own healthy and delicious dog treats!

Mike says he loved the concept of everyone being able to make their pups treats at home – so he came up with an awesome doggy cookie mix! “Everything you need is in the bag, including the cookie cutter! All you have to add is water and you have a nutritious snack ready to bake. I feel like the make-at-home kits are truly a unique offering and have not seen anyone else offer something similar.”

The Peanut and Noodle’s journey pushes on, with plans for new flavour combinations in the make-at-home kits, as well as different packet sizes. “I have a ‘choc’ chip cookie mix launching in the next couple of weeks which I am really excited about!” says Mike. “It is carob based, so perfect for a dog as well as avoiding animal products.”

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