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Oomami: Full of flavour

Oomami Sydney’s cult classic condiments and chilli oils have just dropped at DG!

Joe Hedley has been all about food all his life.

Whether he’s cooking up a feast for friends, family or just himself, it’s always been about trying something new or experimenting with food wherever possible.

“My mum Nikki ran a catering business when she was my age and cooked the most amazing food when I was growing up,” he says. “We always had condiments in our fridge, all made with what was fresh and seasonal from the markets.”

During the 2021 COVID lockdowns, Joe had something simmering away in his Sydney beachside kitchen pretty much constantly. His prolific output soon translated to a fully-fledged business idea, and Oomami was born.

It started as an online store delivering to Sydney’s eastern beaches, and the cult following grew quickly from there. At first, Joe would introduce a new product to the fold each week, shortly followed by specials that centred around what suppliers could provide that was fresh and vibrant, like Chimichurri and Marinated Peppers.

“I think each product, from the chilli oils all the way through to the pangrattato, teach both myself and the customer a lot about food and the way a simple addition can add value to a meal,” says Joe.

“It almost solves the final piece to the puzzle for a lot of home-cooked meals. Whether that be lathering chimichurri on top of steak, drizzling the slow burn over your eggs, or sprinkling pangrattato over your pesto.”

Joe’s hand-down favourite Oomami recipe is the Slow Burn Chilli Oil. “It can literally go over almost anything! I call it the breakfast through to dinner condiment in that it screams to be used at all times of the day. It is very approachable for those who aren't good with heat. I have some customers who use the small jar as a pasta sauce!”

Joe plan to keep expanding the Oomami range into shops and delis across Australia.

“The plan is to definitely add more condiments to the list and work with great producers and suppliers to bring those flavours to people,” he says.

“More merchandise is on the way, as our hats were a real success. There are some bits and pieces on the horizon that my lips will keep sealed about, so for anyone wishing to stay in the know make sure you follow oomami.syd on Instagram!”

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