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Macadamias you’ll go totally nuts for!

Brother Mountain Macadamias is a tale rooted in family, deliciousness and enjoying the simple things in life…

This is a story deeply rooted in family. It begins with the Three Brothers – North Brother, Middle Brother and South Brother – the names of three majestic mountains in rural New South Wales that support a unique micro-climate of pristine rivers, rich soils and ancient rainforests.

It continues with Alistair and Amanda, the husband-and-wife team behind the Brother Mountain Macadamias. Alistair hails from family of timber-getters turned dairy farmers, who ran a dairy in the Brother Mountain ranges from the turn of the century. It was Alistair’s father who discovered that the local environment was actually kind of ideal for growing some pretty tasty macas.

Transforming the dairy farm into a source of native nutty goodness, Alistair and Amanda have been working with Alistair’s father to launch their nut business. It’s come into being alongside the birth of their gorgeous daughter Lotte, “so we could raise our daughter in both the city and the countryside, working together”, says Amanda. Alistair and Amanda’s love of spending time with family, sharing delicious food and keeping life at a slightly slower, more sustainable pace is present in every Brother Mountain Macadamia offering. From the toasty, roasty, spicy nuts, to the decedent nut butters finished with cacao, honey or salt, these babies are all small batch produced for maximum quality and flavour.

“Every nut used in our products can be traced back to the macadamia varieties we grow on the farm,” says Alistair. “We like to use raw, local ingredients where we can – especially in our cacao and honey butter, but also in the Bushman's Spice Blend, which contains native ingredients lemon myrtle, mountain pepper in the mix.”

Each Brother Mountain mac is grown with the natural environment in mind. The family are committed to using biodynamic practices as well as regenerating corridors of native bushland and encouraging native flora and fauna to thrive in and around the orchard.

The farm also operates on zero production waste, using the discarded shells as compost and reworking the pruned branches into mulch. “We believe that the growing conditions of the food are reflected in the flavour and quality,” says Alistair, and we couldn’t agree more!

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for Alistair, Amanda and Lotte, with plans to collaborate with local chefs for new flavours and an aim to keep all products gluten free, dairy free and vegan (except for the honey).

“We are looking forward to working on special seasonal releases of flavours and refining our packaging,” says Amanda. “We are also slowly – very slowly! – looking at developing macadamia milk, which need lots of research so that it’s good for making creamy lattes!”

Alistair and Amanda would also love to see their products used on the menu at some our favourite eating spots. “That would make us really proud!”

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