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Holiday Gift Guide #3: The Foodie

Can you believe another holiday season is around the corner?!

Whether you're searching for Secret Santa or a special someone, we've got you covered with small-batch, hand- and local-made offerings for the foodie in your family!

Tumami By Alice Everything Spread

Tumami is a little secret weapon for your pantry. This life-changing spread combines the bright tang of organic Aussie tomatoes with the caramelised funk of black garlic. It’s super concentrated, so it packs maximum punch.


Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil

Chili, crunchy garlic, shallots and more are cooked down in a blend of sesame and vegetable oil to develop a rich flavour. A perfect accompaniment to breakfast eggs, noodles, pizza or even vanilla ice cream.


Escumiac Maple Syrup

This is THE best Pure Canadian Maple Syrup out there! Escuminac is made with extreme respect for the environment, adhering to organic, biological principles and Quebecoise tradition. It’s one of the only ‘craft’ syrups available for export.


Frankie's Fine Brine New York Deli Pickles

The city of pickles wouldn't be complete without the New York Deli. Handmade the traditional way, this old faithful from the block is as natural as it is lipsmackingly tasty. Upgrade your sandwich side-kick or show your cheeseboard who's boss.


Cornersmith Peach & Lime Jam

A seasonal favourite, this peach and lime jam is fruity, fresh and tastes just like summer! Enjoy on your morning toast, use in marinades or as a glaze for tea cakes.


Gin Mayo

It's gin. And mayonnaise. Combined! Infused with Bobby’s – a fine and balanced distilled gin containing eight botanicals.

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