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Dog Yog: A howling success!

Introducing Dog Yog: healthy, probiotic ice creams that are a hit with DGs furriest community members!

In 2017, Olivia met Uma. It was love at first sight for the pair of them.

Uma had had a bit of a rough start in life. When Olivia picked up the two-year-old staffy from a Melbourne rescue, her skin was riddled with rashes and welts. “She suffered from really bad skin and allergies,” says Olivia. “This meant lots of trips to the vet where she was put on courses of antibiotics and steroids multiple times a year. As well as constant medicated baths and injections to help combat her issues.”

Olivia was determined to find relief for her new pal. “After lots of research, I found that fermented foods are just as great for dogs as they are humans,” she says. “I decided to start making kefir for her.” Two years as Dog Yog’s daily Chief Taster, Uma’s skin issues, digestion and health have never been better! “Even our vet was surprised at how much her skin had cleared up!”

Heartened by Uma’s progress, Oliva had her lightbulb moment. “I wanted other dogs to experience the wonders of kefir, but in an interesting way.” Cue Dog Yog, Olivia’s fun frozen cultured ice cream for dogs, that have been a howling success at Darlo General over the past few months!

Dog Yog is a first of its kind in Australia. Created with human grade ingredients (with no nasties or hidden ingredients) this is a probiotic ice cream made especially for pooches.

“We wanted to divert away from the usual meat treats and create something completely different and special,” says Olivia. “With more of us treating dogs like part of the family and being health conscious about what we feed them, it was important to ensure each ingredient has a benefit for dogs and helps boost their health.”

Uma's favourite Dog Yog flavour? “It has to be the Peanut Butter & Blueberry,” says Olivia. “She’s obsessed with peanut butter to the point that if I open a tub of it, she comes running! But she is just as in love with the Banana & Carob flavour.”

With her Chief Taster and best friend by her side, Oliva and the Dog Yog team are working on some new and exciting projects. “Currently we're testing new recipes for some special edition flavours that we're hoping to launch early next year,” she says. “Plus expanding our product range with the same mission in mind to boost the gut health of dogs.”

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