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DIY painting made simple with Annie Sloan paints

DG is thrilled to become a stockist of Annie Sloan’s revolutionary Chalk Paint!

In 1990, with three children under 10, Annie Sloan was after paint. But not just any kind of paint.

“I was after a paint that sat somewhere between an artist’s paint and a wall paint,” says Annie.

“The idea was to make a water-based paint that would allow me to paint in the morning whilst the children were at school and have everything finished in time to pick them up in the afternoon.”

Stumbling upon a family-run factory in Belgium who were able to develop her ideas into a usable product, Annie’s Chalk Paint was born. More than 30 years on, Annie now has her own paint factory in Oxford, and a thriving, world-famous business.

Chalk Paint has truly revolutionised DIY painting. With no need for sanding or priming, you can simply pop open a tin, roll up your sleeves, dip in your brush and apply paint to pretty much anything!

“The paints are very flexible; they can be used on all surfaces,” says Annie. “No priming, no sanding. The colours are strong and white can be added to extend the range of shades. One pot of Chalk Paint can be used in so many ways.”

DG is thrilled to become a stockist of Annie Sloan Paints here in Aus. Not only because these paints are the bees’ knees, but also because Annie shares our community values.

“People need communities and communities need people,” she says.

“Now that the world is so online focused, shops and places for people to meet are even more essential. This is the reason why I like Darlo General so much. I am keen on a place where people can come together, sharing community values. I also love the idea of the old-fashioned convenience store made hip.” Well said, Annie!

Born and raised in Sydney and now living in Oxford in the UK, we look forward to seeing Annie in store in the future.

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