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Book Club: Young Readers. July 2021

Calling all young readers! Join us on the first Saturday of each month for a kids book club, kicking off in July.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Are you a kid (or a parent of a kid) that just loves to read? Want to chat about great books with other kids that also love to read? Then Darlo General’s Young Readers Book Club is for you, open to all young community members in Darlinghurst and beyond!

On the first Saturday of each month at 2pm, kids (and parents, if they like!) can come on into the store with a recent book they’ve read and loved, to share the story, swap ideas and get some awesome reading tips from other young readers.

Off the back of Darlo General’s monthly book club for grown-ups, DG founder Mia Cipolla realised something: “There are plenty of book clubs that accommodate adults, but there are so many young people who also love a good book. I thought forming a group of like-minded young souls would be a really beautiful way of keeping that interest alive.”

11-year-old Darlo local Lola is a keen reader, and a chance meeting with Mia in the store kicked off the whole Young Readers idea.

“I like reading because there’s an adventure in it. If it’s a good book, it can feel like you’re in the place, watching it all happen.” Lola loves the idea of discovering new books she didn’t know about, and chatting to other kids about books they may have both read. “No two people will read a book the same way,” she notes insightfully.

Lola has some advice for kids who want to delve into the land of books but aren’t quite sure where to start: “Try it. And if you don’t like it, keep trying! Reading is amazing! Find the books that you find interesting, be it fiction or non-fiction, sci-fi or some other genre, there’s always a book out there that you’ll like.”

The first DG Young Readers book club kicks off 2pm on the 3 July. Register your interest at We won’t be militant about attendance though, kids can come and go as they please!

See you there!

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