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Event: A night with a psychic medium. 5.30pm 17 Feb 2022

In the lead-up to our next event, we sat down with Sydney spiritual medium Elissa to talk the healing power of pure love.

We have a pretty exciting event coming to the DG store soon! On Thursday 17 Feb from 5.30pm, we’ll be hosting renowned Sydney-based spiritual medium and psychotherapist Elissa for a night of connecting to spirit. Those keen to join us are in for an evening of live audience readings, as Elissa passes on messages of hope and love from the spiritual world.

We sat down with Elissa to chat about what it’s like connecting with the spirit world, and the healing power of closure.

Wanting to connect? Spots for this event are limited and RSVP is essential:

DG: What was it like for you growing up? Were you aware you had a gift as a young girl?

Elissa: My grandmother was a medium. I used to spend most of the summer holidays back in Macedonia with her, and that’s all we used to talk about. My outing as a 10-year-old used to be to the graveyards! And we would talk to them, we’d take food, I guess for me it was pretty normal. I was brought up believing we don’t die and our spirit lives on.

When did you recognise you had a gift?

I would have been about five or six. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a spirit. At first, I didn’t know what it was, I jumped in my parent’s bed and hopped under the covers! But looking back it was clearly the spirit of a man.

And when did you decide to use that gift?

As a young woman I would have all these premonitions, but I mostly ignored it. I was actually in real estate, and it made for some awkward meetings when I would go to people’s houses and be able to tell them their husband had recently passed away from cancer.

But I actually didn’t want it, I think because didn’t really understand exactly what it was, let alone that I could do it as a job! To communicate with them was just a normal part of me, I didn’t see it as something special until a friend pointed out that it was.

In my 30s, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I felt like I had to do it, like it was my true purpose. And as soon as I started doing it, I could feel it was what I was put on this earth for.

What does it feel like to communicate with the spirit world?

There hasn’t been a reading that I’ve done where someone hasn’t come through. I see them, and they’re all different because their character is different. The way they speak to me is really how they were, their personality. That’s how I see them, and that’s what I communicate back to people.

When I first started, they would come to me before I’d even do a reading! Sometimes it’s like they’re too excited, they can’t wait. I had to start being firm and telling them to come only when I was with their loved one. It’s too much otherwise.

What do you hope your clients will get out of a session with you?

Healing. It’s all about healing for me. For many people, a loved one has passed, and they haven’t had a chance to say goodbye. So, for them to know it’s okay can be so powerful. It brings a bit of peace to the people who are here. That’s why I do it.

What would you say to the sceptics, or people who might be a little afraid of what you can do?

Usually, people who come because they know what I do and they’re looking to connect. I’ve done shows with hundreds of people. At first the sceptics were a little overwhelming, but I’m experienced now. I just give out the information – under the guidance of my psychotherapy training of course – and it’s up to them what they do. I’ve also had people who come to see me as sceptics, and leave wanting to come back again.

And what about people who are interested but are fearful of what they might discover?

I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor, so I’m trained in the best way to deliver information. I really feel everyone who does psychic work should do a counselling degree, because you’re dealing with people’s grief and people’s loss.

But honestly, I don’t really get negative information. I believe it’s because once we all pass, love is what we take. Whatever our issues are, we leave them here on earth. All that comes through to me, comes from a place of pure love.

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