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Cheers to Simon Says Juice

Fresh, handmade, sustainable juices and tonics that are good for you and the planet!

Today we’re toasting the amazing Simon Says Juice, serving up local, fresh, healthy handmade juices and tonics that are good for you and the planet.

Darlo locals may have seen these Simon Says Juice juices being hand-delivered to doors all over the community, and you’ll find a delicious range of fun fruity numbers, sweet and spicy characters, nurturing helpers and refreshing quenchers are a regular feature in the Darlo General fridges!

Simon Says Juice bevvies are lovingly made with passion and purpose by inner-Sydney local Simon Fowler. “Our juices range from mixtures you could very easily whip up at home,” he says, “to more complex concoctions that invite you into the possibility of pepper and turmeric and their medicinal magic combo!”

Juicing it up since 2014, Simon Says Juice was inspired by Simon’s need for a healthier approach to life. “At 29, I was sick and tired of busting a gut for other employers,” he says. “My health was on my mind even more so after an indulgent (understatement) 2012 in New York City. Juice cured me. The business set me free.”

Since then, Simon’s tasty bevvies have inspired good just about everywhere. He makes his juicy creations from imperfect fruits and veggies that so often end up as waste, “because they taste just as good as their pretty siblings”, he says. “They have more character; I suppose we have that in common!”

Simon is also committed to sustainable, reusable packaging that’s good for the planet. “If it can’t be done forever, by definition it’s unsustainable. My 3.5-year-old son deserves to live in a world where he’s reminded of its natural beauty and our intrinsic connection to it. Not a world of grim restrictions and long queues for sad vegetables.”

Recently launching in Melbourne (“our greatest leap!”), Simon hopes to see the Simon Says Juice name partnered with passionate cafes all over his local city and beyond. On a more personal note, he wishes to “love wholeheartedly. To give generously. Owning a simple, modest home where there are more trees than people, and more stars than trees.” Sounds like a pretty juicy life to us!

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