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All that glitters

Luxury accessory label I Know The Queen’s glitter bags and funky bracelets will get you noticed for the right reasons!

I Know The Queen all began with spray painted t-shirt and a visit to New York. “It got so much attention the name just kind of stuck with me,” says Caroline Parker, the brains behind the glitter bags and bracelets. “When I decided to start a little website selling some jewellery, I had made it was a no brainer that this would be the name. One day I was browsing a shop day and saw a bag with glitter on it, it was like love at first sight! It was then that I decided to make my first bag made almost entirely of glitter. The construction is very simple but it’s the designs that make the bags fun and interesting.”

With a big emphasis on fun and frivolity, I Know The Queen’s glitter bags and bracelets have been FLYING off the shelves at DG. They’re so much fun, and so unique, it’s really no surprise. With their bold text and quippy quotes, these are accessories that demand attention, and they’ve been featured numerous times on the arms of celebrities, even at the Oscars!

“I Know The Queen is a very unique brand, It feels like an extension of my crazy ideas,” says Caroline. “If I think of something funny, it goes on a bag. This is why it's such a fun brand to create for, the opportunities are limitless as I have nobody filtering my designs. It's also very versatile; you can wear the bags with jeans to the pub or with a cocktail dress to a party. Its quirky style means it is definitely a brand for anybody but not everybody!”

Caroline brings to her accessories a decade’s experience working with international handbag brand, which gave her a real insight into the industry. With a career that took her via freelance fashion photography, she now runs I Know The Queen full time. Which is just how she likes it, always knowing she wanted to work for herself and build a business from scratch.

“I think the brand is special because of its uniqueness. The brand is aimed at absolutely anybody, but I think it sings to people who have a slightly tongue in cheek approach to their style, and I love that.”

Caroline has a personal touch when it comes to customer service, and loves a good repost of her bags on the ‘grams. “It’s a small brand that has achieved some really incredible things. It will continue to be run like that and we will continue to build relationships with our customers and the beautiful stores we are stocked in.” Come join the party!

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