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A walk on the wild side!

We’re thrilled to welcome Ziggy’s Wildfoods to the DG gang!

Ziggy’s Wildfoods Native Burnt Citrus Chinotto

Gabriel Gutnik sees tastiness just about anywhere! The mastermind behind Ziggy’s Wildfoods, this IT specialist turned specialist chef pairs wild foraged fruits, bark, berries, seeds, nuts and insects with the most incredible Australian Native ingredients, creating hand-crafted, limited-run condiments and other tasty morsels that are truly one of a kind.

Ziggy’s Wildfoods mastermind Gabriel Gutnik; Lemon Bottlebrush

We’re talking treats like Wild Foraged Lilly Pilly + Lemon Myrtle + Strawberry Gum Eucalyptus Shrub – a zesty and aromatic dasher for drinks. Or Native Wattleseed + Fermented Banana Hot Sauce – a dasher for just about anything!

Ziggy’s Wildfoods began as somewhat of a passion project, sparked while Gabriel was travelling across Europe back in 2016. This year he’s seen it turn into a “full on bubbling fermentation”, powered by a need to pivot away from his usual gig as a chef and instructor due to covid-19.

These new super seasonal, short-run creations spotlight incredible flavours often grown right in our own backyard – and are a chance to Gabriel to share his extensive knowledge about growing, wild picking and cultivating native components.

“I have been fortunate to spend so many years travelling the world, working and volunteering across farms in different countries and continents, learning all there is to know about food production, fermentation, curing and preservation,” Gabriel says. “Utilising these skills, I formed a full-time habit of foraging and picking items every day and obsessing about attempting little known styles of old-world creations – paired with my own twist.”

Native Lilly Pilly Shrub; Native Grevillea Flower Hot Sauce.

Ziggy’s ingredients that Gabriel can’t find through his own foraging missions he sources through organisations that work directly with Indigenous-owned and operated communities across the country. This allows him to work with brilliant elements, like punchy Native Bush Tomatoes from the Central Desert, zingy Green Ants and Djarduk Fruit from Maningrida Wild Foods in Arnhem Land and nutty Wattleseed wild harvested across the vast grasslands of Central Aus.

With incredibly unique flavours steeped more than 65,000 years of history and culture, Gabriel rightly says that this is the produce – and the people – that we as a country should be investing in.

Gabriel’s wish for the coming year is to be able to travel to the lesser visited corners of Australia and meet with local Indigenous communities, wild harvesters and community leaders.

“I continue to enjoy collaborating on products with other inspiring people,” he says, “and sharing the skills which I have gained with those who are also passionate about the incredible products that I adore.”

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