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4 incredible benefits of Pilates

Darlo local and Pilates instructor Paddy Coary gives us the lowdown on one of our favourite exercise practices.

We’re pretty big supporters of regular movement and exercise here at Darlo General – we reckon it’s all part of sustaining a healthy life and a healthy community. And one of Mia’s very favourite forms of exercise is her Pilates practice.

Pilates is a mindful type of exercise that concentrates on strengthening the body, and particularly the core. This helps to improve your general fitness and overall well-being.

Mia regularly practices with local Pilates guru Paddy Coary, whose studio is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the store. Paddy has teaching full time since 2013.

“In 2021 I decided the time had come to open my own studio,” he says. “When I walked into what is now the studio on Barcom Avenue, I knew it was the space for me and my business! I really love what I get to do each day.”

Paddy points to four important benefits someone with a regular Pilates practice might experience:

1. Improved flexibility: In Pilates we actively work flexibility into every exercise. It means that stretching, which everyone should do more of I feel, is built into your workout. This means it doesn’t have to be done at home as an extra

2. Increase core strength: Every client talks about this how they found core muscles they didn’t know they had before starting Pilates.

3. Improved body awareness: Clients often tell me that the way they feel in their bodies has changed. Not only are they now stronger and more flexible, they tend to use their body differently to how they did before.

4. Relief from lower back pain: This is a big one. The way in which Pilates strengthens the core and stretches the back has a major impact when it comes to low back pain. As the core gets stronger and the back opens up, the pain can vanish. I often tell the story of a client who came to me with low back issues so bad she couldn’t get through a full shift at work. We worked hard to address her issues and in 2019 she completed a 24hr endurance race in the USA completely pain free!

What does Paddy personally love about Pilates? “I love how it makes my body feel after working out,” says Paddy. “There is not feeling of exhaustion, just a feeling that I’ve worked hard and my body feels energised!”

Thinking about giving Pilates a go, but not sure where to start? Paddy reckons the first step is to find a good teacher who can guide you through the exercises and equipment.

“There are lots of options especially here in Sydney,” he says. “Many places offer introductory specials which I would recommend taking advantage of.”

Paddy’s studio offers 3 one-on-one sessions for $210. “We feel it takes about 3 sessions to get comfortable in the studio, with the equipment and how we want to teach people to move,” says Paddy. “It also gives people a good chance to see if we are a good fit for them and their goals.”

Find Paddy Coary Pilates…

Studio Address: 25B Barcom Ave, Darlinghurst

Instagram: @paddycoarypilates



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