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3 tips for taking better iPhone pics from a professional photographer

Take your smart phone photography game to the next level with these easy tips and a face-to-face workshop happening in store come May...

We have an exciting workshop coming up in store with our newest staff member Ash, who also happens to be a pretty excellent professional photographer.

On Sunday 1 May from 12-1 pm, she'll show you how take your smart phone photography game to the next level. She’ll talk through her top tips for composition, how to capture people, the best editing tools and more.

RSVP to the event by dropping us a line at

In the meantime, here are 3 of Ash’s favourite hacks to have a go at on your own!

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1. Set the scene

When it comes to photography, Ash says it’s often a case the simpler the better. Take a good look at your background before you start shooting to make sure there’s nothing overcomplicating the image. Or for anything that’s just totally out of place!

It’s often a good move to try and remove one item from any frame before pressing click.

2. Look for the emotion

If you’re photographing people, try to avoid having them standing in front of you and looking directly at the camera – it simply doesn’t make for the most creative shots! Instead, you want to look for that genuine emotion, or connection, with your subject.

Try shooting your subjects doing something that they love in an environment that’s comfortable for them. You can prompt questions, play games, or try to make them laugh – anything that will take their mind off the camera and get them truly in the moment.

A fly-on-the-wall approach, or taking several surprise shots before and after prompting the subject, can be great for capturing candid moments when they're off guard – this is often when your most beautiful and authentic shots happen!

3. Use editing apps / tools

Trust Ash: it’s a rare unicorn of a photo that needs no editing – especially when there are so many amazing smart phone editing apps to take advantage of! Even a basic crop, colour adjustment and sharpen can take your photo from great to totally epic.

Ash uses the iPhone editing app VSCO: it’s powerful, but still really user friendly and intuitive. Need some extra support? Ash will take you through the basics of this app on workshop day. Hope to see you there!

All images taken and edited by Ash on her iPhone

Find Ash: /

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