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14 DIY Annie Sloan painting projects to try this Summer

Got some time up your sleeves this summer? Grab a tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and get your creative on with these simple ideas.

DG is delighted to be a new stockist of the amazing Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint! Since its creation in 1990, Chalk Paint has truly revolutionised DIY painting.

With no need for sanding or priming, you can simply pop open a tin, roll up your sleeves, dip in your brush and paint pretty much anything.

“There is no end of unusual places therefore where the paints can and have been used” says Annie.

We asked Annie for a few ideas for you to try this summer. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination! For even more ideas, visit

Paint the side of your bath

Paint an old vase

Paint the kid’s room

Paint an old dresser

Paint an artwork directly onto the wall

Paint a lamp or pendant light

Paint a garden chair

Paint a pot for a plant

Paint a feature door

Paint your rug

Paint the top of a table

Paint a wine bottle to create a beautiful water jug

Paint your chair backs

Paint your floors

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